A premium product

Our sparkling juice is USDA Organic certified

Its bottle is specially designed to guard freshness and carbonation

It contains less sugar than any competitor’s products (19 g vs 35 g on average)

Really tastes like fruit ! Delicious paired with sandwiches, salads or pastries

It delights consumers who don’t drink alcohol

Our sparkling juice can be enjoyed year-round

Discover our 5 delicious flavours

Discover our 5 delicious flavours

A dedication to tradition and authenticity

Tradition and authenticity

An exceptional fruit

Our juice has been made from carefully selected, hand-picked apples from our orchards in Brittany, France, since 1953

A reputation for excellence

Our product won the Académie d’agriculture de Paris’s Gold Medal

It’s offered in delicatessens as well as fine-dining restaurants in France

We respect nature

Our sparkling juice is organic and USDA certified

All stages of production respect the highest environmental standards